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The Cumberland Lady

The National Park Service allows only 300 people to visit Cumberland Island, Georgia at any one time.  Most visitors come for the day on the Cumberland Lady  ferry.  It’s a worthwhile trip.

Cumberland Island Ferry, oil on panel, 9"x12"
Cumberland Island Ferry, oil on panel, 9″x12″

Wild Horses on Cumberland Island

Out on Cumberland Island, Georgia there is herd of about 200 wild horses.  They have  been on this island, which is the size of Manhattan,  since the 1700’s.   They are a mixture of many breeds and they do not have an easy life.   However, they have outlasted the plantation owners and the steel barons that once built their mansions there.

wild horses
Wild Horses of Cumberland Island, oil on panel 8″x10″

Sapelo Island Afternoon

Sappelo Island Afternoon
Sappelo Island Afternoon, oil on panel 8″x10″

It was a hot afternoon on Sapelo Island when I saw this dog lounging in the back of the pickup truck ( no license plate or tailgate). His master had apparently gone fishing and left him here in the shade.   I took a snapshot and forgot about it for a year. Last week I pulled it out and did this painting.


Singing with the Fish

Singing with the Fish
Singing with the Fish, oil on panel 8″x10″

This guy was performing in a beachfront cabana bar in the Bahamas, surrounded by fish taxidermy.  It almost looked like the fish were singing along to the island beat.  Everyone was having a good time, and I was thinking it would make a good painting.

For this painting I used M. Graham walnut oil paints in a limited palette of  phthalo blue, transparent red oxide, Indian Yellow and titanium oxide white.


At the Gay Fish Company

The Gay Fish Company is a long time shrimp dock and store on Lady’s Island, South Carolina.  Parts of the movie Forrest Gump were filmed here and it is a low country institution.  We got there early on an overcast day and set up to paint. No sooner was I set up than all the shrimp boats moved out on the rising tide.  I was left with an empty marsh to paint. boats are goneLuckily, there was one old boat stuck in the mud and slowly melting into the marsh.  Here is my version of the Tiderunner.   In better days, the Tiderunner was once featured in the 1991 movie Prince of Tides .

The Tiderunner

I kept my painting of the empty marsh and I may add a couple of boats leaving the scene. They were moving too fast for me to paint, but I got some photos with my iPad.

My painting partner this day was Daryl Urig.  Daryl is an outstanding artist and knife painter. Check out his work at darylurig. com



Catalina Island from a Cruise Ship

I have been working on this painting off and on for the last week or so.  It’s strictly a studio piece, worked up from a photo I took from the deck of a cruise ship as we pulled into Catalina Island on a picture perfect Sunday morning.

catalina island california
Catalina from a Cruise Ship


catalina ref fotoBefore starting to paint, I photo shopped my reference shot,  flipping the upper 2/3 of the photo from left to right so that the hills seemed to converge on the large sailboat on the right.  I hope that gave my picture a definite center of interest.





Okatie Backroad

Okatie Backroad
Okatie Backroad, oil on panel 8″x10″

This painting is a result of an early March trip down a backroad in Okate, off Route 170 to a plein air session with the Low Country Plein Air group.  We ventured down this road to a cottage on the river. My painting that morning was not successful, but I was taken with the early light along the road with some young pine trees catching the early light.  I added the old Chevy truck which I had seen earlier in Bluffton.