Wild Horses on Cumberland Island

Out on Cumberland Island, Georgia there is herd of about 200 wild horses.  They have  been on this island, which is the size of Manhattan,  since the 1700’s.   They are a mixture of many breeds and they do not have an easy life.   However, they have outlasted the plantation owners and the steel barons that once built their mansions there.

wild horses
Wild Horses of Cumberland Island, oil on panel 8″x10″

Sapelo Island Afternoon

Sappelo Island Afternoon
Sappelo Island Afternoon, oil on panel 8″x10″

It was a hot afternoon on Sapelo Island when I saw this dog lounging in the back of the pickup truck ( no license plate or tailgate). His master had apparently gone fishing and left him here in the shade.   I took a snapshot and forgot about it for a year. Last week I pulled it out and did this painting.