At the Gay Fish Company

The Gay Fish Company is a long time shrimp dock and store on Lady’s Island, South Carolina.  Parts of the movie Forrest Gump were filmed here and it is a low country institution.  We got there early on an overcast day and set up to paint. No sooner was I set up than all the shrimp boats moved out on the rising tide.  I was left with an empty marsh to paint. boats are goneLuckily, there was one old boat stuck in the mud and slowly melting into the marsh.  Here is my version of the Tiderunner.   In better days, the Tiderunner was once featured in the 1991 movie Prince of Tides .

The Tiderunner

I kept my painting of the empty marsh and I may add a couple of boats leaving the scene. They were moving too fast for me to paint, but I got some photos with my iPad.

My painting partner this day was Daryl Urig.  Daryl is an outstanding artist and knife painter. Check out his work at darylurig. com



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